Architectural Portfolio - Clery Park Pavillion

Overview / Brief
The commercial / influential portfolio, titled "Apple Pencil II" was an school-based assessment completed throughout the course 2017. The portfolio added up to 50% of the school mark and was submitted to SCSA in September 2017.  The assigned and assessed task brief was a coherent, two part brief based on units 3 and 4 of the Design ATAR course.  It consisted of both a commercial design and a influential design component. The first part of brief asked students to “design a new technology concept for Apple that complements their current products while, meeting current and future trends in the industry.” This brief also asked for a clear engagement with a specific target audience. Moreover the secondary, influential or advertising component to the design was directly linked to the first, and asked students to “develop a set of solutions for an advertising campaign around their subsequent product.
The 15 page portfolio is shown in a slideshow format below however a  PDF download of each page is available below the slideshow. A PDF page of references are also provided below.
Slideshow of Portfolio Pages
The arrows the left and right side can be used the navigate through the portfolio.
PDF Download
Each individual page of the portfolio is available for download below. Please click on the icon below and the PDF will download automatically. Note: Page 4 is uploaded in low quality due to size restrictions.