Commercial Portfolio - FizzSip Bottle

Overview / Brief
The assessed brief asked for the creative design of a new product. Students were asked to produce a series of design solutions suitable for the presentation of the product.  The presentation format may include engineering drawings, illustrations, packaging, catalogues or instructional documentation. Document the development of your design process by including visual  information and annotations on your research, investigation, analysis, idea development and critical  reflection. The brief also asks for a well defined target audience.
The 18 page portfolio is shown in a slideshow format below however a PDF download of each page is available below the slideshow.
Slideshow of Portfolio Pages
The arrows the left and right side can be used the navigate through the portfolio.
PDF Download
Each individual page of the portfolio is available for download below. Please click on the icon below and the PDF will download automatically. Note: Page 7 is uploaded in a low quality format due to size restrictions.